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According to the reports that emerged today 8/5/2020, the Brazilian soccer genius was forced to cough up the whopping sum of $ 2. 6 million before the presiding Judge known as Gustavo Amarilla released him and his brother on bail to a house arrest in downtown hotel which is in the capital city of Asuncion, Paraguay. The hotel is said to be far better than the prison apartment he was confined in since his arrest and the brother on March 8th. We will recall that the crux of his problem has being entering Paraguay illegally with a fake passport stating that he’s a naturalized Paraguayan when contrary is the case. Owing to the seriousness of the case, he will be staying at the hotel with his brother pending the outcome of the investigation that is ongoing to determine whether money laundering is involved. Also linked with the case is the businesswoman who was alleged to have invited him and the brother cum business manager – Roberto de Assis Moreira to Paraguay for a charity work that never materialized and who is equally alleged to be behind the fake passport saga. With this latest development, the soccer superstar who was a two – time world player of the year as well as a 2002 World Cup winner will continue to enjoy the luxury of the 107 – room Palmaroga hotel that boasts of “a seamless blend of early 1900s Renaissance grace and modern comfort” while it lasts. We sincerely wish him the best of luck in his fight for freedom.

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