In a match played today (17/06/2020) mostly with choked midfield between Gennaro Gattuso led Napoli and Juventus with most clear scoring chances created by Napoli while Juventus had most of the ball possession, it is interesting that eventually Napoli came out victorious through penalty shootout which ended 4-2 after Paulo Dybala and Danilo had spurned their penalty kicks . Apparently during the regular play, Juventus could not do much in the match regarding creating clear cut scoring chances because of Napoli’s tactics that prevented Juventus from taking good shots at goal, hence, Ronaldo was rendered ineffective in the match. Though, Juventus’s coach Maurizio Sarri was of the opinion that “Ronaldo is struggling to regain his famous acceleration speed after shutdown forced by coronavirus pandemic and unfortunately that’s normal when you’re not playing games”.

With this win, Napoli has qualified automatically for next season’s Europa League group phase, but they still need to play against Barcelona in the round of 16 second leg of this current season’s Champions League. For Juventus on the other hand, we will recall that apart from missing out on this particular Italian Cup, they also lost against Lazio in the Italian Super Cup in December 2019. But the good news is that Juventus still has the chance to win their ninth Serie A title in a row, while their Champions League dream is very much alive. For the Italian Cup award ceremony, the presidents of Napoli FC and Juventus FC – Aurelio Del Laurentiis and Andrea Agnelli presented the medals to the players of both clubs on behalf of the Italy’s president. Congratulations to Napoli FC. But by winning this cup, do you think Napoli has finally come of age under the tutelage of AC Milan ace and former Italian soccer legend – Gennaro Gattuso?

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