The dream of the young and vibrant team of Miami Heat of becoming the NBA Champions came to an end on Sunday, October 11, 2020, when LeBron James and LA Lakers emerged as the champions by defeating the Heat 106 – 93 in game six to lift the championship trophy for the 17th time in the team’s franchise history. The series was an interesting one as Miami Heat put up a show through the efforts of their young team being led by the great Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo and Goran Dragic in an attempt to make year 2020 their year, but they were met with the fire power of king LeBron James, Anthony Davies, Rajon Rondo and others, who were hell-bent to win the championship in honour of the late great Kobe Bryant. In fact, it has been recorded that the 28-point with which Lakers led Miami in halftime of game six happens to be the second-biggest in NBA finals history, only bested by the Celtics lead against Lakers (79-49) on May 27, 1985.

With this win, LA Lakers has tied the 17 wins record of Bolton Celtics, while LeBron James has now won both the NBA championship and finals MVP four times in his illustrious career. To win the MVP for this series, LeBron James averaged 28 points, 14 rebounds and 10 assists. It is also remarkable to note that LeBron James has also joined the league of the few players who have won the championship with three different teams, as he has won it with Miami Heat, Cleaveland and LA Lakers. It is equally important to add it here that Rajon Rondo has also become the first player ever to win rings with both Boston Celtics and LA Lakers.

Congratulations to King LeBron James and LA Lakers. But do you believe LeBron James is capable of leading LA Lakers to their 18th NBA championship next season given his age and thus tie Kobe Bryant’s 5th NBA championship record for himself?

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