According to the announcement of the French Prime Minister (Edouard Philippe) on Tuesday 28/04/2020, it is certain that Ligue 1 and 2 will not resume until Fall. In the words of Edouard Philippe; “The big sporting affairs cannot occur before September. The 2019-20 professional football season cannot return”. We will recall that just like other leagues across Europe, Coronavirus pandemic led to the suspension of the league activities around February – March and as such, virtually all the European leagues are still observing the compulsory shut down. Further on this, the report has it that France’s governing body (le Ligue de Football Professionnel) shall be meeting in May to determine the team that will be crowned as the champion, the ones going on relegation, as well as the teams to be promoted. Also, the modalities to award European places to the qualified teams will be determined. But based on the French league table before the shut down, it is highly likely that Paris Saint-Germain that was on top with 12 points lead above the second place Olympic Marseille will be crowned the champion, while Nimes, Amiens and Toulouse will likely go on relegation. Having said this, are we likely to witness more decisions regarding cancellation across European leagues as we’ve just experienced with the French league? Or would you prefer all other European leagues to imitate the French league and cancel as well because of COVID -19 pandemic?


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