In what came with mixed – feelings to many on the 20th of July 2020, France Football has decided to cancel Ballon D’Or awards for the year 2020. The reason advanced for this decision by France Football is that it’s not appropriate to base any rational judgement of selection for the awards on just two months (January and February) of normal football. Ideally and as a tradition, eleven months of normal football (January – November) is always required to nominate, decide and vote for the winners. As a practice, 180-person jury are traditionally selected and charge with the responsibility of using the criteria of “individual and collective performances during the year, player class (talent and fair play) and player’s career” to choose the winners.

Therefore, instead of Ballon D’Or, Kopa and Yachine awards, France Football has decided to request that 180 global jurors choose “an all-time Dream Team of 11” to be announced in November or December. We will recall that FIFA announced the cancellation of Best Awards for 2019/20 in mid – May. Though, FIFA’s awards cover the whole football or soccer season of July – July unlike Ballon D’Or awards which cover just January – November. In 2019, Lionel Messi and Megan Rapinoe won Ballon D’Or awards, Alisson won Yachine –Goalkeeper award and Matthijs de Ligt won Kopa – Young Player award. But based on the accusations and counter accusations by the critics of France Football, do you believe Ballon D’Or awards was intentionally cancelled to ensure that some players (like Cristiano Ronaldo) do not win it this year?


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