Going by the reports of Forbes in this month of June, 2020, the 35 – year – old Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7) has reached another milestone by becoming the first soccer player ever to earn a whopping 1 billion dollar during his ongoing illustrious career. It was reported by Forbes that Cristiano Ronaldo’s earnings in the past year was $105 million before taxes, thus, places him 4th in the 2020 Forbes Celebrity 100 with Lionel Messi coming 5th. Ronaldo is said to have earned $650 million salary for the past 17 years, while this could increase to $765 million by the expiration of his contract with Juventus FC in June 2022. His earnings this past year was reported to have included $60 million salary because of 30% pay cut agreed upon in April owing to COVID – 19 pandemic.

Some of the superstar’s other sources of income are his lifetime endorsement by Nike which he signed in 2016 with the upward payment of $20 million annually, while Pitches for Clear Shampoo, Herbalife HLF and pharmaceutical maker – Abbott, helped in raising his endorsement fee to $45 million. Apart from this, it is not a secret that Ronaldo has 200 million followers on Instagram which earned him 41. 7 million pounds in advertising fee this past year (971,000 pounds per post). Also, there is a Ronaldo Inc. (CR7 trademark) with branded underwear that started in 2013, line of shoes, fragrances and denim wear, his partnership with Pestana Hotel Group in 2015 and recently “CR7 clubs with Crunch Fitness”.

With this achievement, it is interesting to note that Ronaldo is still the third athlete to hit the 1 billion mark as an active sportsman after Tiger Woods who clinched this landmark in 2009 and Floyd Mayweather who crossed this epic line in 2017. Having said this, Forbes has reported that Ronaldo’s archrival (Lionel Messi) will definitely achieve this great financial feat in 2021 having earned $104 million in this past year. But come to think of it, do you really agree with Forbes that Ronaldo has just become a billionaire? How do they account for his business earnings that Forbes is not privy to? All the same, congratulations to CR7 and hopefully he’ll celebrate his new 1 billion dollar man status with one or two goals when Italian Serie A resumes on 20th of June and Juventus plays Bologna on Monday, 22nd of June, 2020.


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