We will recall that recently after a press conference, the Utah Jazz star center – Rudy Gobert was comically and carelessly touching the Mics and other equipments at the conference venue in defiance of the public health instructions that it may not be safe to do so due to the possibility of contracting Coronavirus. But unfortunately after 48 hours, he tested positive to the virus. Because of this discovery and the widespread of the virus, the NBA, La liga, English premiership, SerieA and other sporting leagues across the world have since suspended sporting activities till further notice. Apart from Rudy Gobert, other sports stars and personalities like Arsenal coach – Mikel Arteta, Juventus defender – Daniele Rugani and Florentina striker – Dusan Vlahovic  have also tested positive to the virus. Rudy Gobert in the spirit of humility has since come out to apologize to the NBA fans and his colleagues thus; “the first and most important thing is I would like to publicly apologize to the people that I may have endangered…. I was careless and make no excuse”. He went further to state that “he hopes his case will be a cautionary tale and causes everyone to take this seriously”. In my opinion, his reaction is commendable while it is also commendable that NBA has released a statement on the 13th of March 2020 that Rudy Gobert will not be punished for his careless choice.

Further on this issue of Coronavirus, it is important to state it here according to the experts that there is no stigma attached to contracting the virus and it is totally avoidable if one maintains social distancing, observe strict hygiene protocols like; washing hands regularly with soap, applying hand sanitizer, not touching your face if you touched any object in a public place . Also and according to the experts, boosting your immunity is equally important in order not to contract the virus since there is no vaccine for its treatment yet. Therefore, a couple of things you could do regarding this are; maintaining a good balance diet, exercising, having a good sleep, eating fibres and vegetables, as well as taking natural supplements like “Zinc” that could help in building your immunity. Having said the above, should you start feeling feverish and weak, sneezing, coughing, kindly self quarantine and get in touch with your local public health agency.

Thanks everyone, stay healthy while looking forward to a very exciting sporting activities in the near future. Your responses are welcomed please!

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